Client testimonials

"You must me taking the PR equivalent of anabolic steroids. The number of folks coming is insane for such a short run." -- Seth Duerr, The York Shakespeare Company

"You [Antonio] really have a magic touch and got the news out and picked up by just about everyone. I kept getting google alerts daily, sometimes twice once you began to promote the show. No small task in a city were there are so many shows competing for free notices and articles to promote shows on very limited budgets. I am very impressed and truly appreciate your affect on the show and your hands on presence. It truly made a difference."--Steven Yuhasz (Director, LATE NIGHTS WITH THE BOYS: confessions of a leather bar chanteuse)

"Katie, if I could clone you 3 times AND have a mini-Katie for my purse, it would be perfect." -- Renee Rodriguez, Curious Frog Theatre Company

"Thanks Katie for all of you and Antonio's hard work on this show-- we are so lucky to have you guys in our corner!" --Darcie Champagne, Working Man's Clothes
"The actors and designers that APAC works with continue to be impressed by the volume of coverage that Katie Rosin brings to our mainstage productions, often commenting that the attention from the press exceeds their expectations from past Off-Off Broadway experiences. This, in turn, sends a message to talented artists who know that working on a Showcase in an outer borough at APAC will actually do just that: showcase their talent in a very visible way." -- Tom Wojtunik, Astoria Performing Arts Center

Antonio - you have been professional, caring and your presence on this project has made a difference. You are an impressive team and I look forward to the next show."--Kathleen O'Neill, BOO-Arts Productions
"Thank you so much for all your effort on behalf of the shows. It was really wonderful to know that someone was very much on top of this aspect of things. We were very pleased with the press we received, and it was really a pleasure for us to work with you and Kampfire."--Laura Siner, Oberon Winter Rep 09

"You've done a lot for T. Schreiber and for the theatre component specifically. I appreciate all the effort you've put in to getting us reviewed and caring about the end result."
 -- Cat Parker, T. Schreiber Studio, 2006-2008

You're the top of the top! A PR maven working wonders!" -- Blair Singer, playwright, Most Damaging WoundThe Production Company, Fall 2008
If there was [an Awesomest PR Team Award], you guys would TOTES get it!
 -- Duncan Pflaster, Prince Trevor Amongst Elephants, MITF 2008
"You are wonderful!" -- Melissa Pinsly, Spitfire Grill, Sage Theater 2008

Thank you for all of your hard work and support through this process with Anais Nin Goes to Hell. Your good words and hard work helped make the Fringe production the best it could possibly be! " -- David Stallings, MtWorks's Anais Nin Goes to Hell, FringeNYC 2008 "You are the best. I can't tell you how much i appreciate this."--Rose Courtney, Cycle, FringeNYC 2008

I'm really thrilled with the job you've done and wanted to send my thanks."--Catharine Dill, Can I Help You?, Bushwick Starr 2008

BROOKLYN, the new workshop musical closes its pre-Broadway run today at the Denver Civic Theatre. The prevailing voice is the one coming from the box office. BROOKLYN played to 9,384 in 40 performances, an average of 234 per show in a theatre with a capacity of 256. That is 92% filled seats. That BROOKLYN pulled this off at a previously closed theatre, with no season ticket holders and with no previously established marketing may be the miracle of the season.” --John Moore, The Denver Post, Brooklyn-The Musical 2003