Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Joy Franz is the Madam of the "Court"

"The good of mentioning subjects such as are addressed in Mrs. Warren's Profession is that you make people so extremely uncomfortable that they finally stop blaming "human nature" for them, and begin to support measures for their reform." (George Bernard Shaw--1902, "The Author's Apology")

Director, Kathleen O'Neill, believes "Mrs. Warren is so rich in the language, where words become actions, that to me it is like watching the US Open, even better. Therefore, I am staging it in a tennis court style with the audience on both sides of the action in an intimate black box space at Manhattan Theatre Source, believing that this staging will engage the audience dynamically in terms of them seeing one another and all the action".

The dream of directing Mrs. Warren was realized for Ms. O'Neill when Joy Franz (Original Broadway productions of Pippin, Musical Chairs, Open Admissions and Into The Woods; Broadway revivals of Guys & Dolls and Into The Woods) was interested in incarnating the role of Mrs. Warren.

We invite you to reserve your "courtside seats" and enjoy the language and mischievousness of Mrs. Warren's Profession.

Performances begin April 1st and continue through Saturday, April 18th. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.BOO-Arts.com

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