Monday, March 02, 2009

Now a piece of good news...for the Arts and print media!

New York Sun's arts section to rise again
From Crains New York Business, 2/28/09

The New York Sun
may not be rising again, but its arts coverage is about to have a resurrection of sorts. Manhattan Media, publisher of weekly freebies New York Press, West Side Spirit and Our Town, is launching monthly supplement City Arts, which will feature former arts critics and writers from the Sun. The alumni include Lance Esplund, Brice Brown, Jay Nordlinger, Joel Lobenthal and Marion Maneker. The 24-page publication will debut March 12. Manhattan Media has also hired two sales executives who specialized in arts advertising at the Sun. The six year old five-day-a-week broadsheet folded in September. Though it never turned a profit, it was prized for its arts coverage and carried ads from galleries and museums. City Arts will have a print run of 65,000 copies.

Thanks Thomas Cott (you Cott Mail).

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